3rd Party Recognition for Our Courses, Processes and Security

Those of you who have been keeping up to date with all things PPL, may be aware of some of the exciting recent developments that we have been working hard behind the scenes to bring to fruition. 

Our Courses and Internal Processes

As it was alluded to by our Managing Director, Gary Cooper in his 2023 Year in Review / Forecast for 2024 update, we have received recognition from a number of third parties:

“…we recently moved to a new quality benchmark under the City & Guilds umbrella – City & Guilds Assured. The majority of our portfolio is now recognised as City & Guilds Assured, with over 80 courses designed to tackle specific compliance challenges within Mechanical and Electrical Systems, Water Hygiene, F-Gas Handling, Fire Safety and Airfield Lighting among others.

Alongside our courses, the process of standardisation and the ultimate certification of our integrated management system has been completed this year.

ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates have now been received, with the successful completion of ISO audits recently undertaken. This recognises our efforts to manage and ensure quality for each delegate who takes part in our courses, whilst also acknowledging our plans and ongoing efforts to reduce our carbon emissions and overall environmental impact as we do our bit to save the planet.”

Further Developments: Cyber Security

In addition to these certifications, PPL Training, PPL Engineering Services and PPL Digital have also achieved Cyber Essentials certification recently. 

This was a huge undertaking for our Digital team, as a result, the Cyber Essentials logo mark is one that we are very proud to present. In short, this award recognises our achievements in putting appropriate technical controls in place to protect from the vast majority of cyber attacks.

Carbon Emissions and PPL

Whilst we will be continuing to reduce, reuse and recycle where possible, this year, and at the end of last, we have taken new steps to offset our carbon footprint. 

By partnering with Ecologi, ’The UK’s leading all-in-one climate platform’, we have begun to plant trees right here in the UK. 

As one of the benefits of our Client Requirements Survey for 2024, we pledged to plant 1 tree on UK soil for every valid form submission received. An effort that we will be continuing throughout 2024, as we look to reach our target of 150 trees planted.

So far, we have 16 trees planted in our PPL forest. If you would like to add to that number, you can donate a tree by following this link: https://ecologi.com/ppltraining – look for the button ‘Gift more impact’

Recognising Our People

With some substantial changes on the cyber security side, a large operation of documenting processes and increased efforts to be more mindful of the environment around us, it is important to recognise the great work that our staff and wider group of colleagues do. Whether that is work that they do currently, or the role they will play in the future to maintain these standards, and reach higher ones. 

This could be one of our tutors being extra vigilant and disciplined around document version control, our maintenance staff exploring recycling initiatives or our digital team providing an essential tune-up for our IT infrastructure – we are all in the pursuit for excellence, together. 

We are all PPL People.

If you’re encouraged by our efforts and think that you would like to contribute in the not too distant future – why not check out our current vacancies.

We’re seeking staff across all areas of the business to facilitate our fantastic growth and plans for expansion in 2024.

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